SSL Certificates

Simply put SSL Certificates are required if you ever wish to participate in online commerce. It's even recommended if you run any website where visitors enter personal information. E-Commerce especially has various security requirements such as PCI for accepting credit cards (Depends on your shopping card and card processor) and SSL will also be required. A SSL Certificate creates an encrypted session between your visitor's web browser and your web server. This ensures nobody can snoop the traffic and see what goes across this encrypted path increasing security for both sides.

WireSix offers many SSL Products from 9.99 year minimal SSL certificates to high end "Extended Validation" SSL Certificates. We also have a selection of code siging certificates and SAN setups for those who wish to encrypt many domains.

Through our streamlined SSL Purchase system everything you need to provide is presented to you in a series of steps and includes general installation information for your desired platform. Some certificates can be issued instantly while others such as Extended Validation certificates can take a few days and require documentation. In either case our 24x7 tech support team is here to help you with any questions about your desired SSL product.

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