Anycast DNS Hosting

Sometimes you just need DNS hosting and we have a great system for it. Anycast DNS is just like any other DNS system except that each nameserver exists across many locations. When users or services query for your DNS it is served from the closest location. This has the effect of speeding up page loads for your clients and as a result ensures better retention rates and client engagement.

We currently have DNS servers in 7 global locations.

  • Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • Berlin - Germany
  • Chicago - USA Illinois
  • Fremont - USA California
  • Los Angeles - USA California
  • London - England
  • New York City - USA New York

If you order a Cloud KVM VPS with us the Anycast DNS Hosting is free, but if you just want the Anycast DNS Hosting we have several packages that will fit many needs. If your need exceeds our largest package please contact sales vi our Contact Form.

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