Total Server Solutions & Front Range Hosting have combined forces to provide our customers a fully loaded web services platform. Going forward under the WireSix brand name we bring to you Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, and Hybrid Server solutions. We also feature a full range of auxiliary services such as DNS hosting, Content Delivery Network, Domain Registration, and SSL Certificates to help bring cloud reliability and speed to your projects.

Now Part of Total Server Solutions

We have recently become part of Total Server Solutions family. In the next few weeks we will be integrating our products into the TotalServerSolutions.com website. Stay Tuned.


Just because you don't want to pay full price for web services shouldn't mean that you have to settle for some schmuck running a "datacenter" out of his mom's basement. Our servers live in some of the finest datacenter spaces available with fully redundant power & network connectivity.

Flexible Plans

From Cloud and Virtual Private Server Solutions, to our line of Dedicated and Hybrid Servers we have you covered with flexible plans and features to meet and exceed your needs.

Multiple Locations

With 6 US Locations and London we have the coverage you need.

I am very satisfied with Front Range Hosting. My VPS is not a production server, however I have put it under a lot of use furthering my lamp knowledge and using it as a study box. Will be upgrading my VPS very soon. I have never experienced any downtime. Highly recommended.

Mike B.


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